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Silicone Cases

Views: Date:2011-12-27 9:24:56

What is a Silicone Case?

A silicone case is a silicone type material which has been molded to a certain shape. It helps protect devices like mobile phones, music players, tablets and son on from scratches; helps absorb impacts on drops, and everyday usage.

What is the use of a Silicone Case?

A silicone case helps protect your expensive investment. For example, an iPad silicone case offers protection to your valuable iPad, an iPhone silicone case provides protection to your iPhone. There are also silicone cases for cell phone, camera and many other electronics and appliances.

Other than protection, silicone cases have bellow advantages as well:

* Built from stretchy, silicone material, flexible and durable

* Full functionality: play-through design allows total access to all control buttons of your devices

* Easy to install, change or custom

* Comes in various fashion designs, solid and transparent colors

* Extremely affordable

* Most are also washable and tear resistant

* Most include an LCD screen protector

* Anti Slip and Anti Dust

How to choose Silicone Cases?

The main differences come in designs and colors. Different brands, devices and their models require different designs due to their touch-screen and click wheel function. the silicone cases cannot cover the area where the touch screen and click wheel are at. For instance, the iPhone silicone case here is mostly installed to protect the back and the side of the device which might be different from other silicone cases for mobile phones.