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Bamboo Wooden Cases for iPhone iPad

Views: Date:2012-2-9 8:41:59

If you would like to protect your new iPhone, you might first think about a silicone iPhone case, a EVA iPhone case, but actually you have more options. Nowadays there are some iPhone cases made of natural materials as well, such as wood iPhone cases, bamboo cases, etc.

Like the silicone cases or EVA cases for iPhone, wooden cases or bamboo cases for iPhone can also be made with styles and fashion. Most important of all, they can give you a natural look and feel. What's more the wood or bamboo cases mostly come with artwork which is beautiful and elegant. Some companies, like Grove, even provide custom artwork which is a unique way to engrave your taste and preference into your daily items like cell phone, tablets, laptops, etc.

Of course, a handmade product requires much longer wait time, but considering it was handmade art, the wait time is really worth it. Overall when buying a wood iPhone case or iPad case, we are looking for something natural and with art, other than something artificial and modern. We need art of handcraft, not art of speed productions.

We have discussed the advantages of wooden cases for iPhone or iPad, you might wonder if any disadvantages of an iPhone wood/bamboo case. The two disadvantages of iPhone wood/bamboo cases are friction fit and fragility. Being made of natural materials like bamboo, wood or else, your cases for iPad, iPhone and son on may not survive an impact. This is true of any case made of bamboo or wood from any brand... In such cases, for better protection of your portable devices, we suggest cases made of EVA, silicone or other plastic instead of wood cases or bamboo bases.